Call Of Duty 4 Review


Hits most stores tomorrow…

Presentation: Allowing you to take control of the cinematics is always a plus. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Graphics: Graphics seem to be more polished than the beta was. There is so many intense moments during the game yet you never see the framerate drop.

Sound: Voice acting is top notch. The atmosphere sounds amazing when you’re battle.
Gameplay: Right off the bat, you’re put through a CQB training drill. You are rewarded a certain rank when you defeat this course. I was ranked a Veteran, and was told to play the game on that setting, which is the hardest setting in the game. The AI is no joke, they will kill you with an instant if you are not using any cover, or miss your shots. The environment really puts you on the edge of your set because it’s so opened and you can die at any moment.

Lasting Appeal: If you want a challenge, play the game on veteran difficulty, otherwise, you will fly right through the game. For all those who played the BETA, you know how fun multiplayer is. From Level upgrades to weapon and special ability upgrades, you will be seating in front of your TV for a long time. For those who are new to COD4 and did not play the beta, if you got a job, I hope your ready to get fired.




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