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T.I. & Ryan Cameron Raise $166k

November 21, 2007

T.I. is doing all he can to get his positive image back. Ryan Cameron and rapper T.I., members of the urban entertainment community came to the aid of the Hosea Williams Feed The Hungry and Homeless Foundation yesterday (November 20), to save the organization’s 38th annual Thanksgiving dinner.

Cameron and T.I. spearheaded a campaign that raised $166,000 in less than three hours during Cameron’s show yesterday.

The spontaneous pledge came about when two weeks ago, the charity’s Executive Director, Mrs. Elizabeth Omilami informed Cameron that the Hosea Williams Foundation had lost the support of a $150,000 donor.

As a result, the foundation needed assistance in raising funds for their annual Holiday initiatives.

Cameron, who is a major supporter of the charity, organized a conference call that evening between Mrs. Omilami and T.I., who agreed to help.

Yesterday during the Ryan Cameron show, which airs from 2-6pm on V103 (WVEE-FM), the two respected local celebrities called on their celebrity friends for support.



T.I. Donates 400 Turkeys

November 20, 2007

T.I. will be reaching out beyond the few thousand square feet his ankle bracelet allows by donating turkeys to families in need.
The Atlanta rapper, currently on house arrest awaiting trial in a federal weapons case, is still working in the community, according to a press release.

T.I. & The Grand Hustle K.I.N.G. Foundation will host a Thanksgiving dinner for those in need at Club Crucial in Atlanta on Thursday (November 22) from 6-9 p.m. and they’ll deliver 400 turkeys to the Atlanta Parks & Recreation Center to be donated to 400 families throughout the Atlanta area. The rapper tapped famous friends to help raise $150,000 for the Hosea Williams Feed The Hungry Thanksgiving Day Dinner Event.


T.I. On Grind To Finish New Albums!

November 12, 2007

From AllHipHop;

Not sure of the origins of this one, but I heard that T.I. is bored while he is on house arrest. With nothing to really do, he’s resorted to recording new songs in his home studio. They are saying this new album in progress is Paper Trail. Apparently T.I. hasn’t written his raps down since his debut album. Hmmmm…I think we need an audit to verify rappers that make this claim. Anyway, T.I. is now writing his raps down and that’s the reason for the album title.

DJ Toomp Talks T.I., American Gangster

November 2, 2007

I gotta ask you real quick about you and the boy Tip. Y’all worked it out?
Hello? Hello? You’re breaking up.
I’m not sure, man. Me and Clifford Harris talked on the Fourth of July and I’m more about action, man. We talked and if you say I should have my attorney holla at your attorney and then I see your attorney two months later and he don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m like, Yo man, was that just talk or what? So, whenever he’s ready, I’m always locked and loaded.


Video of T.I. Being Released

October 30, 2007

T.I. is Free*

October 27, 2007

*On 3 million dollars bail and on house arrest