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Rolls-Royce Limited Edition Phantom Tungsten

December 6, 2007

I thought a Rolls-Royce was luxurious but the new Phantom Tungsten is downright seductive! (There is something about a rare metal with wheels). At the recent Middle East motor show held in Dubai, Rolls rolled out this limited edition ride and all of its amazing features. If you like the outside you’ll love the trimmings on the inside. A starry night is simulated on the ceiling and the East Indian rosewood veneer, which snuggles up next to the smoke gray and navy blue contrasting leathers, makes for a spectacular car.


Preacher Defends His Rolls Royce

November 8, 2007

Popular televangelist Creflo Dollar is being called on the carpet again for his “prosperity gospel” which teaches that God brings riches to the faithful. Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley, the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, is asking whether or not churches such as the one run by Creflo Dollar and his wife Taffi really are non-profits. Dollar is just one of the televangelists asked to provide financial information to the committee.

In an interview with CBS News, Dollar addressed the widely reported claim that he has two Rolls-Royces. Dollar says he only has one Rolls-Royce and that one was purchased by donors or members of the church and that it was a surprise to him. This is not the first time Dollar has had to address the Rolls issue, nor is it the first time he has used this answer. In fact, a quick search brings up a Businessweek interview in 2005 where Dollar said the church congregation gave him the Rolls-Royce saying that they wanted him to drive the best and that he felt to turn it down would be a “a dishonor to the people that gave it to me.”


Car UK Magazine Car Of The Year

November 8, 2007



October 29, 2007

It starts with a newly developed front spoiler with integrated state of the art LED daytime running lights and elongated grille stripes; new side skirts with implemented aluminum flanks; also, the same material for the side fender grilles; the wing mirrors come with integrated flasher lights, and the tail comes with a apron and double over and under stainless steel exhaust ends, and at last the small sporty trunk lid spoiler.

Inside the luxury saloon, MANSORY displays the choicest individuality. Special wide carbon fiber in combination with bright maple wood inlays as well as implemented ambiance-light-effects give the interior an extravagant classy level. Lightening sill plates, chequered quilted ornaments in seats along the line to the carbon fiber structure, Alcantara roof lining, Alcantara dashboard to the point of the forceful designed sport steering wheel. At the back there are the new electrical business tables with seat integrated multimedia monitores as the final statement of exclusive imagination.