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Sony offering free PlayStation 3 with HDTV purchase

December 29, 2007

That’s right, babies. We’ve seen Sony play this hand in other parts of our great big world, and now the S-gang is bringing this sweet bacon on home… er, to the States. According to a promotion we’ve caught wind of, if you get yourself approved for the Sony Visa, then promptly purchase a Sony HDTV at the Sony Rewards store (out of a pool of models from the BRAVIA and SXRD lines), the good folks at Sony will throw a free PlayStation 3 your way. Of course, there’s a few hoops you have to jump through, the deal ends on December 31st, and obviously you’ll need a half-decent credit score, but if the suits approve your transaction, this is a pretty solid deal. Hit the read link for all the info — just make sure you read the fine print.


Guitar Hero III with Touchscreen

December 3, 2007

touchscreen guitarIn another demonstration of Humanity’s relentless quest for fun, a guy has installed a touchscreen on a Guitar Hero guitar as well as a magnetic switch that allows him to play it with a magnetic pic. Pointless? Actually, not. Cyberpyrot told us that it “plays much better than before.” And while it may not be as cool-looking as the Angel Sword Guitar, it sure looks cool in the dark. (more…)

Video Game Holiday Gift Guide 2007

November 27, 2007

Check out the best and hottest games of 2007 via Gamespot, click here

Tom Clancy’s Endwar: Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, etc All In One- The Teams

November 25, 2007

Out March, FYI…War is coming . Three superpowers are on a collision course and each will have their most elite special rapid-deployment forces lead the charge into battle. Highly trained and loaded to the teeth with deadly weapons, these soldiers are set to wage the war to end all wars. Each has its own preferred methods, technology, and philosophy. This is your opportunity to gain intel on the opposition before the brown stuff hits the fan. It’s also your chance to start deciding who to support once Ubisoft’s ambitious online real-time strategy title releasesStory

Midnight Club Racing: Los Angeles – First Look

November 25, 2007

Now — fully entrenched in the era of HD — we’re nearing the release of Midnight Club: Los Angeles and all the fancy bells and whistles the title will bring to the series. How has the past helped the series get to this point and what can you expect from your latest go ’round in the Club? Well, IGN recently had the chance to speak with Jay Panek, a producer at Rockstar San Diego, and he wasn’t afraid to take us under the hood of the game.Read More at IGN

Buy A PS3 Friday @ Walmart, get 15 Free Blu Ray Movies

November 20, 2007

Buying an 80GB Sony PlayStation 3 this Saturday will also get you 10 Blu-ray movies for free, as long as all the titles are below $30. (Go to the Wal-Mart holiday shopping site and click “Preview Saturday’s Specials.”) That’s in addition to the five Blu-ray movies that Sony gives new owners with a mail-in rebate.

So, just like that, you’re buying a $499 next-generation gaming console and Blu-ray has you in its format clutches to the tune of 15 titles.