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Juelz Santana & Jim Jones Shut Down Chris Brown Release Party

November 8, 2007

Two rappers were denied entry to Chris Brown’s album release party last night — and so they did what any denied rapper would do — tore the place up in protest!

TMZ caught Juelz Santana and Jim Jones (the singer, not the cult leader) trying to get into a party at Tenjune. No word on why they were shut out — both artists have collaborated with Brown.

Cops soon arrived at the club’s request and Tenjune shut itself down



Jim Jones: Harlem’s American Gangster (Mixtape DL)

November 6, 2007

1. Intro
2. The King feat. Noe
3. Love Me No More
4. Dame Dash Interlude #1
5. Byrd Gang Money feat. Noe & Mel Matrix
6. Global Money
7. Stay Ballin
8. Dame Dash Interlude #2
9. Money Comes & Goes feat. Max B & Noe
10. Dame Dash Interlude #3
11. Up In Harlem feat. Max B
12. American Gangster
13. Lifestyle feat. Max B
14. Dame Dash


Jim Jones- Harlem’s American Gangster

November 5, 2007

Jim Jones to drop “Harlem’s American Gangsta” on November 6.

October 30, 2007

According to hip-hop personality Miss Info, the mixtape is a direct response to Jay-Z’s new concept album, American Gangster, the unofficial soundtrack to the Denzel Washington flick of the same name. Both discs will hit shelves on the same day.
Adding insult, to what might be seen as an already brazen move, Jones tapped Hov’s former business partner and fellow Harlomite Dame Dash to host his disc.
In an interview with Info, Jones said that the mixtape is his way of “getting a piece of the current Mr. Untouchable vs American Gangster attention.”
Though Jimmy’s not really a fan of either of the street hustler legends..
“Nicky Barnes (Mr. Untouchable) and Frank Lucas (of American Gangster) was both snitches so neither one of them were real American Gangsters to me,” the capo said.