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Ice Cream Company Gives Away 10,000 Frozen iPods Inside Popsicles

December 16, 2007

After decades of popsicle promotions that included prizes printed on the stick, Brazilian ice-cream company Kibon has taken it to a new level by including the actual prize inside the popsicle: they will manufacture 10,000 specially made propsicles, identical in size and color to the actual thing, frozen with iPod shuffles inside. Gizmodo


BBC/Ice Cream Season 6 Lookbook

December 15, 2007

Pharrell & Nigo’s, BBC/Ice Cream, has just released their Season 6 Look Book. The look book was shot in Miami last month and features a few recognizable models including, Pharrell, Chad Hugo, and Shae who make up the group N.E.R.D. The interactive look book gives us a great look into the developing line that will now include a Women’s line and additional sneakers and shoes for the Men’s line. via BBC/Ice Cream

BBC/Ice Cream NYC Store Opens Tuesday

November 27, 2007

Store is located 456 West Broadway…some exclusive gear will be stocked for the grand opening.

BBC University Cardigan Now Available

November 12, 2007

BBC Icecream