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Cadillac Announces 2008 Escalade Platinum Edition

November 9, 2007

Making its world premiere alongside the upcoming Escalade Hybrid, Cadillac announced the Platinum edition will come to market in the spring of 2008 as the most luxurious model in the Escalade lineup. It rounds out a full series of Cadillac Platinum models, including the XLR Roadster, DTS luxury sedan and STS performance sedan. Each model in the Platinum lineup is characterized by elegant cabins featuring handcrafted leather, advanced technology and unique design details throughout.

“The new Platinum edition elevates and extends Escalade’s position as the large SUV of choice among luxury consumers,” said Jim Taylor, Cadillac general manager. “The growing Platinum series highlights the handcrafted details and technical sophistication of Cadillac’s overall product renaissance.”



2008 Cadillac CTS Review

November 9, 2007

Cadillac’s last-ditch attempt at cracking Europe needed a bold, capable car to head it up. The CTS is just the ticket. People won’t flock from their 5-series to buy it, but Cadillac has only modest sales ambitions. Which is just as well, as the CTS will surely remain a minority interest car.

However, it is the most viable US alternative to the German brands that dominate the executive car sector – and its appeal will be bolstered when the V6 diesel arrives. And if the rumoured 4WD 500bhp V8 CTS-V bellows into being, we’ll have an intriguing cut-price M5 on our hands…

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Cadillac Escalade Sport

October 29, 2007

The Cadillac Escalade Sport concept showcases even more of the dramatic presence and power that has made Escalade the sales and image leader among large luxury SUVs. The Escalade Sport showcases a small-block V-8 that produces approximately 550 horsepower and is backed by a heavy-duty 6L80 six-speed transmission. Modified front and rear fascias, along with enhancements including 24-inch wheels, a lowered ride height and special aero rockers provide the Escalade Sport with a distinctive look.

Vehicle highlights:


Cadillac CTS Sport Concept

October 29, 2007

Cadillac is intent on branding the CTS as a performance player that can hold its own against the stalwarts of the segment, and until a V-badged version comes to market, those who have shunned its Germanic competition are forced to come to the party packing at most 300 ponies. The CTS Sport is a stopgap concept that brings the interior and exterior up a few notches, while only boosting performance to 304 HP via a free flowing Corsa cat-back exhaust.

The majority of the tweaks come from a revised exterior that includes a modified hood, new front and rear fascias incorporating wire mesh and carbon fiber, along with a new spoiler, revised headlamps, polished dubs, yellow calipers and brake ducting with LED lighting. On the inside, the CTS Sport features thrones by Recaro, carbon fiber trim and BlueConnect Bluetooth integration wired into the headliner.