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March 19, 2008

Our sources deep inside RIM tell us mid April to early May is going to the time when RIM gives birth to a few of its latest Blackberry’s…we’ll keep you posted as we learn more


Indian Blackberry network to be shut down unless RIM allows government snooping

March 13, 2008

Indian operators offering BlackBerry services, top executives of Canadian telco Research in Motion (RIM), the company that owns the brand, security agencies and officials of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) are expected to meet on March 14 to answer the concerns of security agencies in a bid to prevent having BlackBerry services terminated after the March-end deadline.

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New Blackberry OS About To Launch- Feature List:

November 2, 2007

Feature List of OS 4.3.1:

Upgraded, enriched e-mail formatting (in layman’s terms, HTML email support …with an asterisk)
Face-lifted address book and contacts management (added fields for instant messaging handles, Activity Log search for detailed contact history, etc)
DataViz Documents To Go (Word To Go confirmed in some capacity)
Browser upgrade (crisp fonts and emails, new bookmarks entry point, Desktop and Cursor modes enabled by default, etc)
*Video Recording enabled for legacy devices (holding my breath while patiently counting – 1, 2, pass out)
Voice Notes recorder and clip management
Wireless OS upgrades (again, with an asterisk)

FINALLY! Updated Google Talk & Yahoo IM Client from Blackberry

October 25, 2007

Research in Motion updated their Yahoo and Google Talk clients for BlackBerry devices to version 2.0. These are available for download by accessing on your BlackBerry device. It would appear the update includes better contacts management, as well as contact picture enhancements (aka avatars and buddy icons). The Yahoo client, still blocked by AT&T for reasons still unknown, also reportedly adds interoperability with Windows Live Messenger and file sending capabilities.