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Exchange & Outlook for iPhone?

December 15, 2007

It gets out that Pharrell has a gold iPhone, and on the same day it looks like Apple is testing the waters for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook for the iPhone. Is that a coincidence? Don’t make us laugh; we most certainly don’t think so. Apple has posted a job listing for a “motivated, highly-technical Exchange test/sync engineer with excellent problem solving and communication skills”, whose ”focus will be testing Exchange and Outlook functionality with Apple’s innovative new phone”. Maybe Apple heard the late night panting and moaning from executives who want a corporate-friendly iPhone? We’re not certain, but it doesn’t seem too unlikely since Apple has a penchant for wanting their very own thing, which is a problem for everyone who doesn’t just own iEverything. Corporate America falls into that category, and really doesn’t want to be without their trusty Microsoft applications. This way, they might not have to be.


Apple Launches iPhone iTunes via Wi-Fi @ Starbucks

November 8, 2007

Connecting iTunes through Starbucks is eminently simple: connect to the T-Mobile AP. That’s it. It’s all done behind the paywall, so you don’t have to fork out $10 to get online to use the service. (You can also visit behind the paywall, but not .Mac services.)
As soon as you connect to the Starbucks T-Mobile AP with your iPhone / iPod touch / desktop machine running iTunes, you’ll see Starbucks music show up in your iTunes Store interface. (Hit the gallery to see how it works.)
Downloading a track was reasonably fast, but the WiFi kept dropping with both our iPhone and MacBook Pro, leading us to believe there were some issues with the T-Mo hotspot. The download recovered fine through multiple disconnections, but it took us a little over 7 minutes to grab a single 8.5MB iTunes Plus track — so be careful before grabbing an entire album.


Apple Prepping New Touch Screen Model?

November 6, 2007


“Apple Tablet will not be based on existing Asus designs such as the R1 [top]. It will come from a completely new blueprint, possibly based on the patent Apple filed back in May 2005 [bottom]. We’re guessing it’ll be based on Intel Core architecture, a tweaked version of Leopard, and have all the multi-touch, CoverFlow goodness we’ve seen in the iPhone and iPod touch.”


You Cannot Buy an iPhone with Cash

October 27, 2007

To limit resellers, you must now buy with a credit card (so they can track you in the system). 2 per person limit. Wow

Press Release

Apple’s New Invention? Surface and Tactile Touchscreen

October 25, 2007

The key problem when working with various touch devices is the lack of tactile feedback.

While smooth sliding surface might be great for scrolling through playlists or zooming in to the Google maps on an iPhone, some functions – like typing messages, just doesn’t feel right when you can not feel the key you pressed.

But don’t worry, Apple feels your pain and is working hard on adding tactile feedback to the Multi-Touch user interface. The possibility to include haptics was mentioned in a key iPhone patent a while ago and we may well see some concrete efforts here soon

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