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DJ Skee remixing American Gangster??

December 7, 2007

Just peeped this over at…A source inside Black Wall Street/Power 106 DJ Skee’s camp confirms that he’s working on an American Gangster remix project with Warren Campbell, DJ Reflex, Terrace Martin, EP and a few names that are too big to announce without 100% confirmation. The buzz from this joint should be damn-near visible. We’ll be sure to give you more information and probably a few cuts from this record as they become available.Read the entire article here 


Former Jay-Z Associate De-Haven Says Jay-Z Is Trying To Get Him Hurt

December 3, 2007

When will he shut up? After being called out in “No Hook” off American Gangster, De-Haven gives another interview, surprise surprise.

Did you and Jay sell drugs together?No, he ain’t do much selling drugs. I did all that work. He was just a good dude to be around. He was one of my best friends. I taught him some things, but I mainly kept him from being out on the street a lot. Whatever was mine was his. So, we shared clothes, we shared a whole bunch of stuff. We had sex with the same women plenty of times. We both got burnt! We had the drip. My mom took him to the clinic. My mom also got him out of jail.

Does Jay exaggerate his drug-dealing in his songs?I’m telling you he overexaggerates. He was there to see things, but doing some big-time Frank Lucas–type thing? No. He nickled and dimed, but nothing on a major scale. He definitely didn’t sell nothin’ in Marcy. Spanish Jose, who he mentions a lot [in his songs], was a friend of mine. Jay didn’t have no affiliation to Spanish Jose.

When he talks about you on “No Hook,” is he accusing you of snitching?I think he’s talking about the way I went about this YouTube project [and not about snitching]. But he’s into subliminal messages, so [I think] he’s trying to get me hurt. That goes beyond disrespect. He’s getting my safety involved. I can’t believe my own daughter’s godfather is trying to get me hurt. But it won’t work. Being that I’ve been in prison a lot of times, a lot of people know my credibility. They know I went all the way to trial with my federal case, and I won.


Video: Entire Jay-Z Concert

November 25, 2007

On MSN, click here to watch it! Make sure you have 90 mins free…

Jay-Z To Release Instrumental & Acapella Versions Of American Gangster

November 19, 2007

The instrumental free American Gangster will be available on Hov’s born day – December 4 – the same date as releases from Ghostface Killa, Wyclef Jean and DJ Drama.
Hov previously released an a cappella version of 2003’s The Black Album which eventually helped launch Gnarls Barkley producer Danger Mouse into the spotlight.
Danger Mouse was among a number of DJ’s and producers to use the acappella for a mashup – his project The Grey Album set Jigga’s vocals over unauthorized samples from The Beatles.
The a cappella version of The Black Album spawned numerous remix albums, including Hov’s collaboration with Linkin Park for Collision Course, the Mike Shinoda-produced set that remains the only Black Album remix to get an official stamp of approval from Jay-Z.
It’s still too early to guess how producers and DJ’s will put the American Gangster a cappella’s to use, but with December 4 right around the corner time will soon tell.


Full Soundscan Charts

November 15, 2007

1 * JAY-Z AMERICAN GANGSTER 424,959 999 898 425,861
2 EAGLES LONG ROAD OUT OF EDEN 359,261 -49 710,946 1,070,207
3 * BROOKS*GARTH ULTIMATE HITS 351,793 999 394 352,242
4 * BROWN*CHRIS EXCLUSIVE 294,498 999 522 295,034
5 UNDERWOOD*CARRIE CARNIVAL RIDE 120,771 -29 170,100 818,397
6 * GROBAN*JOSH NOEL 115,562 52 76,142 379,067
7 SPEARS*BRITNEY BLACKOUT 86,639 -70 289,712 376,687
8 * SWIFT*TAYLOR TAYLOR SWIFT 67,555 156 26,386 1,517,737
9 * ANGELS & AIRWAVES I-EMPIRE 66,478 999 94 66,583
10 * CASSIDY B.A.R.S. THE BARRY ADRIAN REES 63,156 999 166 63,323
11 * HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 SOUNDTRACK 58,547 16 50,659 2,038,312
12 * MCENTIRE*REBA REBA DUETS 55,385 44 38,546 775,546
13 * SUGARLAND ENJOY THE RIDE 55,285 112 26,087 1,424,474
15 * CAILLAT*COLBIE COCO 50,541 19 42,526 553,561
16 PLANT/KRAUSS RAISING SAND 50,437 -38 81,221 244,314
17 RASCAL FLATTS STILL FEELS GOOD 49,890 -6 53,212 1,042,450
19 TURNER*JOSH EVERYTHING IS FINE 45,076 -46 83,562 128,764
20 * HANNAH MONTANA 2: MEET MILEY C SOUNDTRACK 42,579 15 36,962 1,583,039
21 * COLE*KEYSHIA JUST LIKE YOU 38,528 11 34,741 577,994
22 KID ROCK ROCK N ROLL JESUS 35,447 -28 48,996 395,200
23 * POTTS*PAUL ONE CHANCE 35,303 382 7,321 127,970
24 * LITTLE BIG TOWN PLACE TO LAND 34,641 999 54 34,696
25 SOULJA BOY TELL’EM SOULJABOYTELLEM.COM 32,396 -5 34,129 301,447

Jay-Z Sells 433,000 Copies Of American Gangster (First Week)

November 14, 2007

Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella/IDJ album American Gangster, inspired by the box office smash of the same name, climbs to the top of the world, ma, on this week’s HITS Top 50 sales chart, with a total of 433k.

The rap mogul is just one of five newcomers to the Top 10, followed by Garth Brooks’ Pearl Records Ultimate Hits at #2 with 355k and Jive/ZLG terpsichorean Chris Brown’s Exclusive at #3, sporting 302k, with Suretone’s Angels & Airwaves at #8 and Full Surface/Ruff Ryders/J hip-hop star Cassidy at #10.


Jay-Z Off iTunes

November 12, 2007

Jay-Z is retired. Yet, his new album “American Gangster,” is trying bigger than ever. But, it will never find its way onto iTunes, namely because Jay Hova doesn’t want the record parted out track-by-track. “Let me make it clear – I don’t have a problem with iTunes. It’s just our interests were not in line,” he said. “No one can dictate to an artist, any artist, how they should express themselves.” Not to argue with someone who’s found so much success, but wouldn’t an “Album Only” option on iTunes solve the problem?

Boy Genius Reports

Weekend Box Office: Nov 9-11, 2007 (American Gangster: $81 mil total now)

November 12, 2007

Bee Movie (Paramount/Dreamworks)           $26.0 million – 2 wk total $72.2m
American Gangster (Universal)                   $24.3 million – 2 wk total $80.7m
Fred Claus (Warner Bros.)                         $19.2 million – opening weekend
Lions for Lambs (UA)                               $6.7 million – opening weekend
Dan in Real Life (Buena Vista)                   $5.9 million – 3 wk total $30.7m
Saw IV (Lionsgate)                                 $5.0 million – 3 wk total $58.1m
The Game Plan (Buena Vista)                    $2.4 million – 7 wk total $85.4m
P2 (Summit Ent)                                     $2.2 million – opening weekend
30 Days of Night (Sony)                          $2.1 million – 4 wk total $37.4m
Martian Child (New Line)                          $1.8 million – 2 wk total $6.0m

Frank Lucas With Miss Jones

November 8, 2007

Video Of Jay-Z’s First American Gangster Concert

November 8, 2007

More Videos & A Review @ Fake Shore Drive

Jay-Z Expected To Come In 1st Next Week with 179k in the first day.

Jay-Z talks to MTV about the Roc Boys Video

Jim Jones: Harlem’s American Gangster (Mixtape DL)

November 6, 2007

1. Intro
2. The King feat. Noe
3. Love Me No More
4. Dame Dash Interlude #1
5. Byrd Gang Money feat. Noe & Mel Matrix
6. Global Money
7. Stay Ballin
8. Dame Dash Interlude #2
9. Money Comes & Goes feat. Max B & Noe
10. Dame Dash Interlude #3
11. Up In Harlem feat. Max B
12. American Gangster
13. Lifestyle feat. Max B
14. Dame Dash


Jay-Z “Fallen” On Vh1

November 6, 2007

Jim Jones- Harlem’s American Gangster

November 5, 2007

DJ Toomp Talks T.I., American Gangster

November 2, 2007

I gotta ask you real quick about you and the boy Tip. Y’all worked it out?
Hello? Hello? You’re breaking up.
I’m not sure, man. Me and Clifford Harris talked on the Fourth of July and I’m more about action, man. We talked and if you say I should have my attorney holla at your attorney and then I see your attorney two months later and he don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m like, Yo man, was that just talk or what? So, whenever he’s ready, I’m always locked and loaded.


Jay-Z Speaks On Past

November 2, 2007

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — “SEE, that’s Fort Greene right there, the projects, and I went to school right here — this is George Westinghouse,” says Jay-Z, looking through the window of his gray Rolls-Royce as it chauffeurs him into his past.

“Marcy Projects is about five minutes straight down,” he says, pointing east toward the housing development where he lived as a youth. “See that? That’s one thing I liked about going to school here,” he adds with a smile, indicating a road sign that reads “Jay St.”

Jay-Z, 37, doesn’t return often to this Brooklyn neighborhood, where he grew up as Shawn Corey Carter. Stardom and wealth have taken him away to a Manhattan home and the globe-trotting life of a hip-hop star and major-label record executive.


Just Blaze Talks Ignorant Shit

October 31, 2007

How did “Ignorant Shit” first come about?
Just Blaze: That was the first record we did for the Black Album. We did that on the road actually.
What made you flip the “Between the Sheets” song?
You know what—obviously we know that one year where it was used 80,000 times between Keith Murray, Da Brat, Biggie, Rob Base tried to do a comeback off of it, Lil Vicious—it was like million records that used that part and I always thought the other part was the ill break. But, it wasn’t the obvious part, everybody kept going for the same break. That’s kinda something that’s always been in the back of my mind.


Jim Jones to drop “Harlem’s American Gangsta” on November 6.

October 30, 2007

According to hip-hop personality Miss Info, the mixtape is a direct response to Jay-Z’s new concept album, American Gangster, the unofficial soundtrack to the Denzel Washington flick of the same name. Both discs will hit shelves on the same day.
Adding insult, to what might be seen as an already brazen move, Jones tapped Hov’s former business partner and fellow Harlomite Dame Dash to host his disc.
In an interview with Info, Jones said that the mixtape is his way of “getting a piece of the current Mr. Untouchable vs American Gangster attention.”
Though Jimmy’s not really a fan of either of the street hustler legends..
“Nicky Barnes (Mr. Untouchable) and Frank Lucas (of American Gangster) was both snitches so neither one of them were real American Gangsters to me,” the capo said.


Jay-Z ft. Beanie Sigel “Ignorant Shit”

October 30, 2007

Finally, the ever so mentioned, half leaked track is out in entirity. I guess it didnt make American Gangster. Either way, check it out now….

American Gangster Tour Sells Out in less than 30 seconds

October 30, 2007

According to a statement on the Roc-A-Fella website, the five-city club tour that Jay-Z planned to support his American Gangster album sold out less than 60 seconds after tickets went on sale today. The site claims that the Philadelphia show sold out in 30 seconds, the Los Angeles show in 11 seconds, and the Chicago show in just 8 seconds. While other appearences are rumored in Washington, DC and Atlanta, details have yet to emerge. The scheduled show dates are as follows:

11/6 Los Angeles – The House of Blues
11/7 Chicago – The House of Blues
11/9 Baltimore – Ramshead Live
11/11 New York – The Hammerstein Ballroom
11/12 Philadelphia – The Fillmore