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Roc Boyz LIVE (Kanye & Jay-Z)

November 8, 2007

From American Gangster Tour, Chicago stop…


Nicky Barnes vs. Frank Lucas

October 29, 2007

During the Harlem heroin plague of the seventies, few dealers were bigger than Frank Lucas and Leroy “Nicky” Barnes. Both made millions selling dope, lived the wide-brimmed-hat high life, enabled the addiction of whole neighborhoods, and, eventually, got caught. Both were locked up and later cooperated with authorities—some might call it snitching. Now, with Lucas confined to a wheelchair and Barnes in some Witness Protection Program locale, each is the subject of a current film. Barnes reports on his life and times in the flava-full documentary Mr. Untouchable. Lucas hit the ultimate Hollywood jackpot, getting Denzel Washington, no less, to play him in American Gangster (reviewed this week in “The Culture Pages”).

When the possibility emerged that these two old-school street rivals might be willing to engage in what could only be called a historic conversation—they haven’t spoken in 30 years—it was easy to envision yelling, phone slamming, and maybe even a death threat or two. Lucas, as I knew well (from writing in this magazine the original piece upon which American Gangster is based), could go off at any moment. And Barnes, who likes to quote Moby-Dick and King Lear, mocks Lucas’s “country boy” lack of education and perceived lack of finesse in Mr. Untouchable. When it came down to it, however, the two old drug-kingpins-in-winter revealed a familiarity that bordered on a kind of love. Or at least respect for a fellow tycoon.

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Damon Dash vs. American Gangsta

October 29, 2007

Magnolia Pictures and Damon Dash Enterprises collaborated on a new movie, “Mr.Untouchables,” which depicts the life of the infamous Harlem drug dealer, “Nicky Barnes.” Damon Dash discusses, Nicky Barnes, snitching, how American Gangster isn’t an accurate depiction of Frank Lucas, and whether his movie glorifies selling drugs.

Damon Dash states:

That’s the reason I don’t make Hip Hop anymore. Because I could never watch a kid rap about something negative and me knowing that a bunch of kids are going to follow it and be a part of it. The karmic repercussions of that are very severe and it’s just wrong.

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Jay-Z Shoots Roc Boys Video

October 27, 2007

At 40/40 Club in NYC. Looks like this will be the next single off “American Gangsta”

UPDATE: This kid (Jay-Z’s nephew) will be playing a young version of Jay in the video!

American Gangsta

October 26, 2007


Has officially leaked today….

Jay-Z “No Hook”

October 26, 2007

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Jay-Z “American Gangsta” Album Snippets

October 23, 2007