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Redsox Talk A-Rod

November 8, 2007

“If we’re seen going in there or coming out, I’m sure there’s going to be ‘A-Rod, Red Sox’ on the front page of, but I wouldn’t fall into that trap,” Epstein said, according to the Boston Herald. “We always talk to Scott. We’re not scheduling a meeting with Scott to talk about Alex. I’m just checking in with Scott.”

Boras told The Boston Globe the meeting was a chance for him to make the same pitch he had made the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Angels a day earlier about A-Rod, complete with revenue projections. He said the meeting lasted more than an hour.

But Boras noted he was also touching base with the Red Sox about his other clients on the roster, including catcher Jason Varitek and releiver Eric Gagne.

“We went over all of our client list with them,” said Boras last night. “I’ll let them talk about the four-letter word [A-Rod].”