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50 Cent & G-Unit Harrass Tony Yayo on tour…

December 15, 2007

LOL. I still love 50


50 & Yayo Actin a fool on a bus…

December 6, 2007

LOL. I love 50.

50 Cent Snorting Coke?

December 5, 2007

Journalist in Croatia accidentally walks in on 50 doing something shady on a table…people speculating he was snorting coke, you be the judge.

50’s MTV Cribs Full Episode Online

November 30, 2007

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50 On MTV Cribs

November 16, 2007


Christian Group Demands 50 Cent Must Retire

November 6, 2007

The Resistance, a Christian media watchdog group, is demanding that 50 Cent retire. The group that once called Fiddy a satanist is now urging him to hang up his rapper bling and call it a day — after losing his record-selling bet against Kanye West.

Mark Dice, the group’s public voice, explained, “It is time for 50 Cent to be a man of his word, and retire. The world will be a better place when this satanic piece of filth retires and stops making music.” Well, no un-Jesuslike judgment there! The group is also asking people to flood Cent’s MySpace with comments encouraging the rap superstar to permanently call it a day.


50 Cent: “I Beat Kanye”

November 6, 2007

“No, I’m not retiring,” Fitty told me, in the wake of his Kanye West feud. You will recall he pledged to bow out if his album “Curtis” didn’t outsell West’s “Graduation,” which opened nationally at No. 1.

“[My album] was No. 1 internationally the week it came out,” he said at Philippe. “It was the No. 1 European album!”

Indeed, while West trumped Fitty stateside, “Curtis” scored both the top album and single on the Billboard European Hot 100.

Says Fiddy: “It’s all about the numbers at the end of the day”.

50 Cent & Ciara

November 6, 2007

I heard 50 Cent is the romantic type event though he raps about not loving “da h-words.” Over the weekend, he supposedly sent a plane of candy, roses, rose petals, cake and chocolate to Ciara during the World Music Awards! Since its her 22nd birth day, I heard he said he would give her 22 parties in various hot spots across the nation.


50 vs. Kanye On Mad TV

November 5, 2007
50 Cent – Sad 50 Cent (MadTv Parody)
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50 Cent Breaks His Arm

November 2, 2007

The 32-year-old rapper, along with G-Unit pal Lloyd Banks, arrived at Dublin airport sporting a heavily bandaged right arm. In da hospital!

Hopefully, Fiddy’s arm doesn’t hurt as much as losing the album sales battle to Kanye West.


50 Cent Pontiac G8

October 31, 2007

The new 2008 Pontiac G8 that’s not even released, has received all customized by Unique Automotive to make a one of a kind 50 Cent/Unique Automotive Edition. An custom graphics, NC Forged 22″ chrome wheels, Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires, tinted lights and windows, Borla exhaust, Custom “50 Cent Unique Autosports Edition” exterior badging and many more custom parts makes this unique.

Officially announced after months of advertising and “subtle” video placement- No one thought it was odd a Pontiac was there and no Bentley or Phantom?


Lil Wayne “Gossip” Was Recorded in 2006

October 29, 2007

“I recorded that song in 2006,” he explained about “Gossip.” “I don’t make records or say anything about people. I don’t beef with people. Everybody knows that. … My words are more important than you. I got kids listening to me. I got grown folk listening to me. I got intelligent people listening to me. I want the words I say to come across [as] important. I want you to relate those words to me, not some guy or some girl. If you hear about me beefing with somebody, you gonna hear about it when I’m in jail.”

More on wayne (more…)

50 Cent ft. Akon “I Will Kill” Video

October 29, 2007


50 Disses Kanye On Stage

October 26, 2007

Better view:

50 Vs. Lance Bass

October 26, 2007

Yes, this is for real.

The two singers launched competing books Tuesday night, and they were more than happy to talk some (tongue-in-cheek) smack about who was going to end up on top.
“He doesn’t stand a chance,” Senor Cent told me at the launch of his coffee-table tome, “50 x 50.”
“With me, everything’s a competition, so I bet you the end of next week, I’ll be moving more copies than him,” Fitty said over dinner at Philippe. “This is the same competition – this is Kanye West and 50 Cent all over again!”
Twenty minutes later, at Azza, Bass was happy to hit back.
“50’s going down, that’s all I have to say,” he said while promoting his memoir, “Out of Sync.”
“50, I don’t want to playa-hate, but there’s a lot that my book has” that his doesn’t.
For example?
“I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have any relationships with guys in that book. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have any space training, either.”

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