Mos Def is Hilarious

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Lil Wayne ft. Static Major – Lollipop

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EMINEM: Performing at Nelson Mandela’s BDAY Party?

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Read more about it here 

UPDATE: Game still locked up…

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TMZ messed it up, Game will be released on or around April 2nd according to his manager Jimmy Henchman.  My apologies.

Pitchfork Music Festival

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Friday, July 18:

Pitchfork Music Festival and All Tomorrow’s Parties present “Don’t Look Back” Public Enemy performing It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
+ more, to be announced

Saturday, July 19:

Animal Collective
Vampire Weekend
Dizzee Rascal
No Age
Atlas Sound
Fleet Foxes
+ many more!

Sunday, July 20:

M. Ward
Extra Golden
El Guincho
+ many more!

Hipsters rejoice

Lupe Fiasco ft. Young Jeezy & T.I. – Superstar Remix

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Nostalgia: Nine Inch Nails & Radiohead to headline Lollapalooza

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Trent Reznor is a bad dude, read more about it here is retarded

March 10, 2008 by reported that the KING OF BASEBALL caught a Lakers game with son Nikolai…that is not Nikolai.  I hope this raises awareness!!! Shouts to JJ

Beatles songs will now be on iTunes…the cost? $400 MILLION

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iTunes and Beatle Paul McCartney have reached a $400 million agreement to distribute the Beatles catalog online…read more here

Ericsson exec sees WiFi hotspots becoming the new telephone booths

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While it hardly comes as much of a surprise, Ericsson Chief Marketing Officer Johan Bergendahl is now predicting nothing short of the demise of WiFi hotspots, and he’s saying that they’ll be replaced by — you guessed it — mobile broadband. Speaking at a conference in Stockholm, Bergendahl said that “hot spots at places like Starbucks are becoming the telephone boxes of the broadband era,” and that “in a few years, [HSPA] will be as common as Wi-Fi is today.” Leading to that widespread use, he says, is ever-decreasing prices for mobile broadband subscriptions, and the fact that HSPA is being built into more and more laptops. Of course, if other companies have their way, WiFi hotspots could become a thing of the past simply because entire cities would effectively be one huge hotspot, although we’d gladly take both options.

Crazy Super Mario Wii MOD

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Hey kids, listen up. That guy with the red hat and blue overalls in the fancy new Super Smash Bros. game you just brought home? His name is Mario. He’s a neat guy. This Wii mod here features the lovable plumber in his natural habitat, World 1-1. On the other side is a pipe, his favored form of travel, which doubles as a Wiimote charger. Pretty great. OK, that’s it for today’s lesson, stay safe out there!


NY Governor likes hookers…

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Elliot Spitzer, former NY Attorney General turned Governor was implicated in a huge prostitution ring…now normally I don’t care what people do in private but this dude made a living and a name off being Mr. Morality.  Read more @ CNN

Lil Wayne’s Condom Ad…

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LOL. I’ll refrain from commenting…

Former employee of Damon Dash Calls him out…

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Mike Beasley on the cover of the new SLAM…

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Dopest dude in college hands down…

Former Patriots Assistant about to drop dimes….

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Amid news that former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh is close to reaching an agreement to tell what he knows, the Globe found that Walsh broke league rules under orders from the Patriots by videotaping opponents’ signals between 2000 and 2002, and could have video recordings to prove it, which has not been previously reported. But if he illegally videotaped the St. Louis Rams in their final practice before the 2002 Super Bowl, as widely suspected, team and league officials say he must have done it on his own. One league source detailed the circumstantial evidence that persuaded NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to accept the team’s explanation that it never sanctioned, or knew of, any spying of that sort.

Continue reading @ The Boston Globe 

Air Jordan Hybrid Bag

March 10, 2008 by

Taking the hybrid thing to a new level, Jordan Brand has created this Frankenstein bag incorporating highlights from models including the AJVI, AJ VII, AJ XII, AJ XIII and AJ XVII. A realistic looking sole can be seen representing the base of the bag with various highlights through out. Not the first time the Jordan Brand has incorporated actual footwear into a bag, previously using the Air Jordan III as the theme behind a bag designed by Michael Ditullo.

Fendi 100000000000% Bearbrick

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We have previously seen the 1000% Fendi Bearbricks which were produced for VIP members of Fendi only. If you missed out on that, you can check it out here. However, nothing compares in size to this really huge Bearbrick which stands in one of the Fendi stores in Paris. You probably won’t be able to purchase this as this is probably a store display. So for now, all we can do is just look at the pictures and drool.

Update: There is apparently one of these at the 5th Avenue Fendi store in Manhattan, New York as well.

The Roots ft. Patrick Stump – Birthday Girl (FIRST SINGLE!)

March 10, 2008 by

First official single off the Rising Down album, features Patrick from Fallout Boy.

Download here 

Stussy Hawaii Bearbricks

March 10, 2008 by

Some interesting Stussy Hawaii Bearbricks made its way onto eBay. According to Toybeast these did never go on sale and were just used as give-aways, probably for the initial store opening, of the rather new Stussy Hawaii flagship store.

The Bearbricks came in two colorways, blue and pink. Check out more pics after the jump.