LeBron James “Give to the Game” Shoe Drive


As part of Nike’s effort to improve lives through sport, NBA superstar LeBron James will dedicate a refurbished basketball court to New York City. The NBA All-Star will spearhead the LeBron James “Give to the Game” shoe drive where used athletic shoes will be collected throughout various Explorer’s Clubs locations in each of New York City’s five boroughs as well as the newly opened House of Hoops presented by Footlocker. The borough that collects the most shoes will have the shoes recycled into a refurbished basketball court located in that borough.

To construct the sport surfaces, Nike will employ its Reuse-A-Shoe program, which recycles old athletic shoes of any brand into new surfaces. Donated shoes will be moved to Nike recycling facilities and broken down to create Nike Grind, a product resulting from the re-purposed elements of the shoes. Nike Grind is mixed with other components to create running tracks, basketball courts, playgrounds and soccer fields. In the end, what started out as a beat-up shoe bound for a landfill is now a high-quality sport surface that is safer for young people to play on and ideal for athletes.

When: Now until December 18th

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13 Responses to “LeBron James “Give to the Game” Shoe Drive”

  1. kingjamesfan Says:

    Good work LJ, this only proves that LeBron is not just a good athlete but a good person as well. hope he continue to share his blessing to others.

    LeBron forever

  2. Michael Says:

    i think Lebron James is a great player I want him to tay in the NBA in Cavs i want you,ll to trade Lebron James to Boston for James Poesy For they can win alot of games Lebron is Cool

  3. Michael Says:

    Lebron James Can You come over my house to play videos games with me and tell Gibson to Come

  4. Michael Says:

    Lebron james is the greats player Brenda Haywood should be seppend for he can sorry to the best player and if he did that to Kobe he should be a hater for doing that to the best player Kobe Baynt and Lebron

  5. Michael Says:

    Nobody mess with the Lebron james because he to quit for you,ll you can.t mees with him nobody mess with Lebron James

  6. michael Says:

    lebron james you are the best player ever in hode life i want you to tell your team to win to get in the finals with la dever nuggets i want you promise that you stay in the nba with the cavaliers i don,t want you to retired from cavaliers like michael jordan like he retired from chicago

  7. michael Says:

    lebron james ou was when you was in cavaliers

  8. Michael Says:

    Lebron James sorry for you’ll didn’t make it in the Finals you will make it next year you got to win alot of games like Bostin 66 games don’t lose 52 games go to the playoff. and win Next round and win in the finals and win and you won the Champship you’ll are Winners stay winner ok lebron james stay been a good Basketball player Lebron James

  9. Michael Says:

    Lebron James is the Best basketball

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  11. cody Says:

    micheal are you a 40 year old geek who lives with his mommy and pics his nose

  12. Matt Says:

    hahaha cody nice comment….but seriously Lebron James is the man
    he can dominate any player whose ever played basketball

  13. Michael Says:

    Lebron James is good at basketball he share the ball with his team and takes good shoots and when the bad shoot he pass the ball he is good

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