Game to shut down Mr. Chows?


Game is having a star studded engagement celebration Friday, where Mr. Chows is shutting down for the private party. In attendance will be the likes of P. Diddy, Russell Simmons, Dr. Ben Chavis, Fabolous, Lamar Odom, Snoop Dogg, and more. If you didn’t already hear, Game proposed to his ex-fiancee Valeisha Butterfield on his birthday as the 2 are now once again engaged. Word on the street is that V may also be starting to show with the rappers 3rd child.


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3 Responses to “Game to shut down Mr. Chows?”

  1. nikki Says:

    I wish him the best, i hope he marries her for real this time..

  2. Kompton's Kutie Says:

    LOL! If this is true she is the dumbest BYTCH on the planet! The last engagement he showed up at the Waist Deep Premiere with a new baby mamma. Please she dumb as hell!

  3. J Street Says:

    There whole union is weird! And Valeisha and Mya supposed to be buddy buddy. Check out the Ween pics, Valeisha’s organization. He dumb as hell to think this broad really likes him! Im with Kutie on this one, that wedding is not happening.

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