Former Jay-Z Associate De-Haven Says Jay-Z Is Trying To Get Him Hurt


When will he shut up? After being called out in “No Hook” off American Gangster, De-Haven gives another interview, surprise surprise.

Did you and Jay sell drugs together?No, he ain’t do much selling drugs. I did all that work. He was just a good dude to be around. He was one of my best friends. I taught him some things, but I mainly kept him from being out on the street a lot. Whatever was mine was his. So, we shared clothes, we shared a whole bunch of stuff. We had sex with the same women plenty of times. We both got burnt! We had the drip. My mom took him to the clinic. My mom also got him out of jail.

Does Jay exaggerate his drug-dealing in his songs?I’m telling you he overexaggerates. He was there to see things, but doing some big-time Frank Lucas–type thing? No. He nickled and dimed, but nothing on a major scale. He definitely didn’t sell nothin’ in Marcy. Spanish Jose, who he mentions a lot [in his songs], was a friend of mine. Jay didn’t have no affiliation to Spanish Jose.

When he talks about you on “No Hook,” is he accusing you of snitching?I think he’s talking about the way I went about this YouTube project [and not about snitching]. But he’s into subliminal messages, so [I think] he’s trying to get me hurt. That goes beyond disrespect. He’s getting my safety involved. I can’t believe my own daughter’s godfather is trying to get me hurt. But it won’t work. Being that I’ve been in prison a lot of times, a lot of people know my credibility. They know I went all the way to trial with my federal case, and I won.



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3 Responses to “Former Jay-Z Associate De-Haven Says Jay-Z Is Trying To Get Him Hurt”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve spoken to Dehave on several occassions. i’ve stress to him how much respect I have for Jay…but i think Dehave has enough cred. amongst REAL kats. A lot kats don’t respect loyalty!! so of course they don’t have a problem with disloyalty. but i think what Dehave is saying. Damn dude we’ve been through some shit together,how can you forget me.If we’re riding with work in the trunk that can cost us ,the rest of our days, I got you covered.So it’s like a unwritten rule that your man from the streets,or your man from the jail got you covered. Look at your main peeps right now and try to picture the world with one of ya’ll on top,that means that both of ya’ll are on top. So for jay to profit from their experiences & not pay homage is like not keeping it real.Respect the struggle..I don’t expect ya’ll who never experienced anything real to understand what I’m saying or what people like Dehave is saying.This thing is bigger than just Hatin..on the other hand I Love the fact that Jay came from nothing to something…So keep acheiving jay…just respect the WHOLE game. peace!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    We work hard for Kats like Dehave. this is not a take on jay..Buy it’s time to realize, this thing(hip-hop,hustling,gangsta or whatev) that we subscribe to is centered aroung our struggle.And as strugglers we submitt to a lot of unwritten rules. One being no snitching,respect your game,stay true to your word,hold ya balls,etc,etc.You can’t pick and have take the good with the good and the bad,the bad with the bad.I say that to say that if Jay built a career and needless to say a FORTUNE around his experiences as a hustler,and Dehave played a major role in jay’s hustle..Then as a soldier Jay is required to pay Homage..In ending I might add that Jay reps us all. he made $omething out of nothing coming from nothing. Much respect Jay..For all of the brohters in the struggle trying to exit…hustle up around 5gs to open up a traders account..let us help you navigate the market$….Lets put it together to get it together….Peace!

  3. nigga please Says:

    nigga please – shut the entire fuck up.
    thank you.

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