Dodge Challenger Pricing & Release Date Announced


Starting December 3rd, Dodge will be taking orders for the much anticipated rebirth of the Challenger. Pricing for the V8 powered SRT8 version will be $37,995 and will be available as early as March 2008. This is for the first batch of 5,000 cars which will all be of the tuned up SRT flavor marked as a 2008 model. Colors offered will be black, silver, or HEMI orange – all with the identifiable center striping. Later in 2008, as 2009 models, Dodge will release the more mass market variations pushing a 3.5L V6. Pricing on these is yet to be announced. (TIS Custom render shown above.)



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4 Responses to “Dodge Challenger Pricing & Release Date Announced”

  1. dddrumrightdc Says:

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  2. pachanga Says:

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