Must Have Gadget: License Plate Flipper


In what must be an effort to promote even more road rage and that’s easier than giving someone the finger, is this license plate flipper for trucks, cars, and motorcycles:

The device sits between your vehicle’s license plate and the bumper, and at the push of a button on your dashboard the plate will flip down 90 degrees, revealing a message underneath.

Somehow we doubt the message would be something nice. In addition to the warning on their website about misusing the product, there’s this testimonial which pretty much sums up the true nature of this expletive-replicating device:

Kathy MI – Just the other day some guy was riding my back and I flipped my flipper and told him the way I feel. He backed right up and I got to vent. Thanks!!!

Although the outcome is probably NEVER as ginger as stated above, just think of how much fun you can have flipping people off or the even better use, driving like a maniac or doing other unspeakables with it down so no one can get your plate. This kind of highway joy will cost you about $100.



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