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Heading the list is the Jaguars’ game against the Bills. Don’t minimize the value of these games, because they often turn into the difference between a team being a division winner or a wild card. For example, the Eagles won the NFC East last year and have games ahead against the Seahawks and the Saints, which won’t be easy. The Giants, who finished third last year, already puffed up their record with wins over two third-place teams: the 49ers and the Falcons.
The success or failure of the Jaguars’ season will come down to how they do against the Colts next Sunday and how they do against their third-place, non-common opponents. The Jaguars drew the Bills this week and the Steelers on Dec. 16.
Jack Del Rio has done a remarkable job of keeping the Jaguars in the playoff race despite injuries and other problems. Too bad the fans aren’t buying into it. The game is blacked out in Jacksonville because 2,200 tickets weren’t sold.

That’s sad. Unless the home crowd is loud, this could end up being a trap game for the Jaguars. They lost their best linebacker, Mike Peterson, last week with a broken hand. Rashean Mathis is expected to miss the game because of a groin injury. Plus, it has to be a downer to not have the full support of the crowd.




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