Next Generation BMW 7 Series Details


Sources tell the Spies that the next generation will stick to the BMW formula of an evolutionary exterior design change coming after a radical design change like the current model. If you’re hoping for something totally different, you’ve got another 5-6 year wait. What WILL be radically different though from the current car is the interior dash layout and control center.Look for the most sophisticated gadgetry, like night vision 3.0, more exterior cameras than cars should be allowed to have that will survey the perimeter plus secure the car and the most amazing radar cruise control on the planet. We also hear they have teamed up with a ‘Levinson-like’ company to bring the next generation of audio/video amazement to the luxury set.The 7 will also finally get a panoramic roof option ala Mercedes S-Class and the interior material quality will make an Audi A8 look like a Chevy Cavalier. Well, maybe not that much better but it will be the best in BMW history.Autospies/


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One Response to “Next Generation BMW 7 Series Details”

  1. BMW Says:

    next gen 7 series will be awesome.

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