Eazy-E: Featuring Eazy-E


Out December 4th1. Luv 4 Dem Gangsta’z (from the Beverly Hills Cop III Sdtk)2. 2 Hard Muthas (w/M.C. Ren)3. Trust No Bitch (w/Penthouse Player’s Clique, DJ Quik & AMG)4. L.A. Is The Place (w/Ron-De-Vu)5. Findum, F**kum & Flee (w/N.W.A)6. Get Yo Ride On (w/Mack 10 and M.C. Eiht)7. Black Nigga Killa (from Ruthless Records Tenth Anniversary Compilation)8. We Want Eazy (12″ remix) (from Eazy-Duz-It)9. Foe Tha Love Of $ (w/Bone Thugs N Harmony)10. I’d Rather F*** You (N.W.A)11. 24 Hrs To Live (from Ruthless Records Tenth Anniversary Compilation)12. Boyz In Tha Hood (G Mix) (from It’s On 187UmKilla)13. Fat Girl (w/Ron-De-Vu)14. Automobile (w/N.W.A)15. P.S. Phuk U 2 (w/Penthouse Player’s Clique & DJ Quik)16. Ruthless Villain (w/M.C. Ren)ProHipHop


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