Crazy Hotel Perks: Ultimate Luxury


Luxist has put together a list of the craziest hotel perks, including:Helicopter transfers between the airport, hotel, and shopping (Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi)A sleep concierge to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible (The Benjamin)Customized aromas: after finding out what your preferences are the housekeeper stocks your room with preferred scents (Palazzo Magnani Feroni)Pet perks like special bedding and dishes, pet sitting, walking, and massages (Nine Zero)Technology Butlers available for handling every gadget crisis from cell phone chargers to internet crashes (Ritz-Carlton)Serious Fitness Program provides access to hundreds of exercise classes and equipment like basketball courts, a rock climbing wall, several pools and a weight room (Houstonian Hotel)American Girl Doll Experience for kids where the children and their dolls are greeted at the door by name and the room includes a second miniaturized set of everything (robe, slippers, turn-down service) for the doll to mimic the real guests experience (Fitzpatrick Hotels)An end-of-the-year gift from Tiffany’s for repeat customers (VX Beacon Boston)Pleasure Menu full of fun stuff for couples in the mood to stay in (Drake Hotel)Click here for the story



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