Snoop Dogg “Fatherhood” (TV Show) Preview


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38 Responses to “Snoop Dogg “Fatherhood” (TV Show) Preview”

  1. Hollyhood Hipster Says:

    I might actually watch this one… they have some cool features on the website too…

  2. NahRight88 Says:

    hey this movie was removed by the user? i can’t see it boooooo

  3. suckafree Says:

    this show is gonna be off the hook i saw all the preview and there all hilarious i cant wait till dec 9th

  4. Spinstylz Says:

    I saw the super teaser clip on youtube… it shows a bunch of the episodes that are coming up! Did anyone catch the one with David Beckham at roscoes last night?? CLASSIC…

  5. Spinstylz Says:

    Since the last link i posted didnt work…..

  6. betty Says:

    I was really looking forward to this show, but i get the feeling that this episodes are rehearsed. How do you get a car out of pound by leaving slippers? Is this show scripted?

  7. cutie Says:

    iseen the show its really good especially CORDE aka SPANK HES SEXY

  8. Mz.spank Says:

    cutie you need to bag the fuck off my man bicth

  9. kureba Says:

    corda so sexy so grlz back off

  10. trinigal Says:

    corde is so fine so girls u need to back off my boy and he ain’t ur man he wants a nice beautiful gal not yall. i luv u corde

  11. ms.spank Says:

    bicth i might look better than you so what the fuck is you talkin about.
    corde is all me so keep looking.

  12. Ms.Corde Says:

    I love the show Snoop keep doing what you doing cause you doing it well and I love the song sensual seduction I can’t wait to the cd comes out I will be geting it…And your son he is so beautiful I love U Corde we will soon meet and I will be wifey..and for you girls that’s argueing over the internet grow up Corde want a classy ladi like me

  13. true G Says:

    Love the show snoop

  14. mz.spank Says:

    you talkin to these other girls on this internet cause i can be more classly than you and iam way more beautiful than your bicth ass so like i said keep looking he dont want you or any body ele but me and only me i love corde

  15. mz.spank Says:

    in your dreams if you think you goin to be cordes wifey he will look at you lik you crazy he all ready know that iam his wifey for sure corde loves me and i love him i keep tellin you girlz to keep looking he dont want yall in snoop keep doing your thing thats a funny show tell corde,cordell,and cori i said what-up

  16. mz.spank Says:

    sensual seduction is my sh**

  17. mz.spank Says:

    kureba you didnt even spell his name right so how is he goin to like you but he dont iiiiiiiiiii played your b-ass

  18. mz.spank Says:

    i am goin to be real snoop i love your show thats one of my favorite show to watch on sunday or any other day but i still got love for your son corde these other girlz dont got a d*** thing on me for real so yall need to go some where with or bull shit

  19. Carina Says:

    Haha wow. your both dumb you have no chance. i like the show! is it scripted?

  20. mz.spank Says:

    bicth you are not calling me dumb you dont have a chance in for your dumb ass its not scripted

  21. younge ones hella fresh too deff Says:

    aye boo this show is hellah flithy thats wassup!

  22. Mz.spank Says:

    I am of this dumb ass site corde dont wont yall ass

  23. hkghk Says:

    Yall are gay.

  24. tracy Says:

    i love da show its cool, funni and interestin!! cori and cordell are so cute!!! and corde is fine!!!!!! hes got a cute smile and personaliti and hez bodiez bangin!!!!!!!!!
    see yallxx

  25. tracy Says:

    sensual seductionz hawt! and the family r nice too!!
    p.s you girlz need to stop arguin cuz it aint like corde no u or nufin!
    and if he did i wud understand but he dont!
    all im sayin is dat heeeezzzz F-I-N-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. tracy Says:

    mz.spank evryting ur sayin is so true!!! i agree wid u

  27. Mz.spank Says:

    Thank u tracy thats whats up

  28. mz.spank Says:

    In hkghk bicth who is you tryin to call gay!I hope you not callin me gay i know we chatin but i dont play that!

  29. tracy Says:

    im alrite!! but its true dem gyuls chattin a whole loada sh*t

  30. tracy Says:

    anywayz who noes if therez anotha series cumin out!! so i cn watch da show and see corde too!!!!!!

  31. Lilly Says:

    Snoop Dogg I love your show and Corde u are so sexy and your body is the bomb, you and me are close in age so I hope you find me and I hope I find you.

  32. Amelia Workman Says:

    comprecation oenochoe purfling bassariscus queery nonchalance coccidiidea dainty
    St. Germain Sport Marine

  33. tracy Says:

    lily it aint gone happen cuz guess wat?? i got his numba AND myspace so i found him first!!!! and hez mine!

  34. mz.spank Says:

    What the hell is you talking about Amelia workman!

  35. tracy Says:


  36. danny bonaduce Says:

    DAMN I cant believe you all thinkz snoop iz dope. snoop iz da biggest homo in rap. have you allz seen da episode where he had to get blood drawn and he was cryin likez a lil gurl. i meanz my daughter iz 10 and getz blood drawn all da time and dont trip. snoop needz to stop frontin wit all dem gang signz and do what cumz natural–all male gay porno.





  37. mz.spank fo real Says:

    Spank is so cute and wateva u. ms.spank u dont kno nobody so stop acting all stank>

  38. Henry Dorais Says:

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