Marbury Returns To Knicks, Knicks Lose, Get Booed


Marbury scored 18 points, but the Knicks were never in the game in the second half and were booed often over the final three quarters. So was Thomas, who saw no results from his decision to demote Marbury last week and heard the familiar “Fire Isiah!” cries on a few occasions during the game.
“They were right. What they saw tonight, if I had paid my money to see this game, I’d be upset also,” said Thomas, who said Monday he wasn’t worried about losing his job. “This is New York, and when you’re playing well you get cheered, and you play this poorly you get booed and there’s a lot of venom that comes at you.”
Thomas blamed himself for the poor performance.
“When you’re watching a game like we played tonight, the venom that comes out, you deserve it,” he said. “The booing, ‘Get rid of this guy, get rid of me, get rid of him,’ that’s how the fans react. It comes with the territory we have and the place that we live in. That’s how it is, that’s how it goes.”

Marbury was demoted a week ago and responded by skipping a game in Phoenix. He served as a reserve for the final three games of New York’s road trip, then was told at the beginning of the Knicks’ shootaround Tuesday that he was returning to the lineup. Marbury was introduced last during pregame introductions, as usual, and loudly booed — though not as heavily as Thomas. The boos started again as soon as Marbury got the ball after the opening tip, and resumed every time he touched the ball in the early going.



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