Ferrari Private Jet



Like their competitors, Ferrari uses advanced aerodynamics to keep their cars on the ground. But what if they flipped their technology upside down to create an aircraft? The result could very well be this, the Piaggio P180 Avanti II.

Beyond the usual correlation between the automotive and aeronautical industries – especially evident in six-figure sportscars and in formula motor racing – the ties between Piaggio Aero and Ferrari run far deeper. Piaggio, which sponsors the Scuderia, is chaired by Enzo’s heir and company vice-chairman Piero Ferrari. The aircraft pictured is the one Ferrari uses to shuttle their executives and star drivers around Europe, if not the world, to unveil new cars, win grands prix and cut ribbons on everything from theme parks to retail stores. Interestingly, instead of jet propulsion, the Avanti II uses backwards-mounted turboprops. With a 450 mph top speed, it’s the fastest turboprop in the world. It has a 1,800-mile range and 41,000-ft maximum cruising altitude but uses 30% less fuel than a comparable jet.

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11 Responses to “Ferrari Private Jet”

  1. vitico el bacano Says:

    WTF!! this is thr shit@@@@@!@#!#!@#!@#!#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@

  2. Manny Says:

    my uncle has 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#

  3. Sunny Says:



  4. bob Says:

    Fu@!ing ugly like some one could of told me George bush had a twin

  5. bob Says:

    manny is lying there is only 1

  6. parminder singh Says:

    avanti and ferrari wat a combination……GOD HELP ME SO THAT I CAN BUY BOTH OF THEM ONE DAY….AND THAT DAY TO BE VERY SOON…

  7. Private Jet Charter Travel Says:

    That’s pretty slick! I cannot imagine how many banks I’d have to rob to be able to afford this one lol.

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    I still wonder what is that ????

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