Michael Vick Starts Sentence


Michael Vick made arrangements Monday with the U.S. Marshall Service to voluntarily self-surrender to begin serving his sentence before his sentencing hearing on Dec. 10. Vick began serving his sentence Monday not because of a violation of any condition of his bond. Vick turned himself in so that he can begin serving his sentence earlier, meaning whatever sentence he receives on Dec. 10 potentially will end earlier. Vick’s sentencing hearing before Judge Henry Hudson will take place on Dec. 10 in Richmond, Va., which is when he will find out the extent of his sentences for chargers he pleaded guilty to in his dogfighting case.


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4 Responses to “Michael Vick Starts Sentence”

  1. rafael robinson Says:

    this is too much to be charging am black man with to me i think in my opinion that just like the guy on the sports center said which i think is very the courts see a rich black man very wealthy and you know just rich and if this was a white man or other race and was also very wealthy as well you know it wouldnt happen it would be a whole differnt story if it had been someone else like all these others doing steroids and just getting a warning but yeah thats my opinion

  2. Not A Fan Says:

    How does this have any thing to do with race at no stage have any of the authorities or media brought his race into it. For some reason the race card always seems to get played when ever a black man gets charged with anything. It is members of the community that turn these high profile cases into a race debate. Vick has done a horrible crime and committed countless helpless animals to death. His actions have showen disregard for all involved his life should be made harder and never be able to play in such a high profile and respected sport again. Comparing his crimes to drug use is like comparing apples and oranges. Using steroids is not going to harm any one else other than the user.

  3. Bob Says:

    he should go to jail and die

  4. bessie Says:

    hey you should be more nice to animals if there wasent people like you in the world that there would be more animals to care about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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