Worst Diamond Products


Bedazzling any object seems to raise its value and high-style appearance but there are some things that just don’t make the cut once they’ve been slathered in sparkles. The following made it on Wired’s Worst Diamond-Encrusted Gadgets and there are even a few more I have added to that!
Vertu Signature Black & White Diamonds: $80,000
World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse: $24,180
24K Gold and Diamonds Macbook Pro
Diamond studded USB cross drive
Bejeweled Gameboy
Diamond MP3 Player for Dogs: $2,000
iPod Shuffle Plus Diamonds: $40,000
Million Dollar Cell Phone by Goldvish: $25,600+
GK Power Bank’s Diamond-Studded Credit Card
Nokia N95: $24,000
Here are some additions to round out the list:
24K Gold & Diamond Encrusted Hearing Aid: $42,590
Diamond Studded Gold Motorola V3i: $10,000
Luvaglios Million Dollar Laptop: $1,000,000
Philips Diamond Ambilight FlatTV
Diamond-Protected Data from Mii Stor: $19,000

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