2008 BMW 6 Series Announced


For 2008, a host of refinements enable these new models to maintain their class-leading positions. Subtle exterior changes enhance the look of both the Coupe and Convertible, setting them apart from previous models while still maintaining the 6 Series’ distinctive profile. Revised lighting increases the cars’ visibility front and rear, making it easier for the driver to see and be seen. Interior changes make the 6 Series Coupe and Convertible even more luxurious than before, with upgrades to the standard and optional leather. The Convertible’s interior also adds leather with BMW’s new Sun Reflective Technology, which significantly reduces heat gain from sunlight. New wheels give the cars a sportier look, and a new Sport Automatic transmission backs up that look with quicker, more responsive shifting and even more driver control.

What’s new for 2008
As of 9/07 production (650i Coupe and Convertible): 2008 model selection remains as before:
• 650i Coupe
• 650i Convertible

Exterior design & function
650i Coupe and Convertible
• Reconfigured optical headlight lenses
• New front airdam has larger, reshaped opening
• Amber DOT reflectors relocated to lower bumper, ahead of the wheel-wells; headlight area is completely white
• Taillights include new LED design
• Reshaped trunklid, with taller spoiler along top edge and third brake light incorporated into the rear deck

Power & performance
Both 6 Series models:
• New optional Sport Automatic includes steering-wheel paddle shifters and rpm matching during downshifts (beginning 06/07 production), plus a Sport button for quicker, more dynamic shifting
• New electronic shifter, similar to that in the 5 Series, offers “shift-by-wire” actuation and more ergonomic operation
• SMG no longer available
• Standard 18-inch and optional 19-inch cast alloy wheels are all updated designs, giving the 650i Coupe and Convertible a sportier look.
• Sport Package now includes forged 19-inch wheels with a higher strength/weight ratio. These produce lower unsprung weight, improving suspension response and ride characteristics.

Comfort & convenience
• Revised interior
• Brushed aluminum replaces Ruthenium on radio knobs
• Brushed aluminum iDrive controller
• iDrive includes six programmable “favorites”
buttons, which can be set to many frequently used features including destination addresses, auto-dialed phone numbers or radio station presets
• Leather-wrapped center console
• Seats on 650i Convertible include Sun Reflective Technology to keep seats cooler even in bright daylight.

Safety & security
• All standard and optional seats now include Active Head Restraints to minimize the chance of head or neck injury in a rear-end collision
• LED brake and turnsignal lights provide quicker response and brighter illumination than conventional bulbs
• A wider, trunklid-mounted third brake light improves rear visibility during braking

• Active Cruise Control Stop & Go allows operation even in dense traffic, and can accommodate speeds all the way down to a complete stop, and resume to set speed from 0 mph
• Lane Departure Warning system provides an immediate notification when the car crosses into another lane without turn signals
• USB adaptor for iPods or MP3 players provides complete access to the owner’s digital recordings via the iDrive system, without using the car’s CD changer connections



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