Young Buck Discusses Disappointment Of Last Album


G-Unit’s Young Buck has said repeatedly this year that his sophomore album, Buck The World, was underrated and didn’t sell like it should have, but he wasn’t mad. He just felt as though he had to keep grinding it out.

Despite grinding it out since March, the album never took off the way he felt it should have. According to Buck, it’s because his label, Interscope, was unable to market it correctly, but he says the album was better than Kanye West or 50 Cent’s latest albums.

“I ain’t get what I deserved at Interscope,” Buck told MTV recently. “I feel my album [Buck the World] is better than Kanye’s album and 50’s album, but it’s one of the most slept-on albums due to whatever reason. I’m still trying to get what I deserve off of Interscope, so it’s still a hustle to me.

“As far as the marketing, I don’t think they knew how to market a project such as mine. When you have a song like ‘Get Buck’ and ‘You Ain’t Going Nowhere,’ there’s no lane. You can’t just market me to the South. I’m worldwide. I come with the Southern background but worldwide flow. They have to understand how big I aim outside of 50 Cent to get the push from them. I’m still in the shadow of 50 to them, but to the streets, I’m Young Buck. I’m my own person. I just gotta get my label to understand that part,” he continued.



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