DJ Quik Speaks (Cover Of Fader)


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Jail terms and funerals: the back-story of any classic rap album—especially the left-coast, gang-related kind—often seems to have one of these as its starting point. In this case the record is The Midnight Life, the latest offering from the infamous rapper/producer Quik, conceived in partnership with long-time collaborator rapper AMG under the collective name the Fixxers. The story actually begins with one of each. “One of our older comrades passed away last year,” explains AMG. “I seen Quik at the funeral and I ain’t really talked to him in a minute, you know people fade in and out and shit. We got to talking, like ‘I got some shit, you got some shit, so…’ we started mashin out.” In the midst of all that shit, Quik asked his erstwhile partner to go out on tour with him; the preparations for the road trip renewed ties from gangsta rap’s golden era, when AMG guested on Quik’s platinum debut album Quik is the Name and his productions for mutual friends 2nd II None and Penthouse Players Clique. The two have actually been allies even longer, since before either was signed, putting out LA underground classics like The Red Tape, which in turn led to Quik’s deal with Profile records. The reunion, however, proved to be short-lived, as Quik was jailed in summer 2006 on a two-year-old assault charge. Sentenced to 45 days in 2003 when he allegedly threatened his sister at gun-point during a heated argument, Quik never showed up to serve his time and though the wheels of justice turn extra slow in LA’s hazy atmosphere, when they eventually caught up to him, 45 days had become 150

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