Shaq Sucks


Shaq has started slow before. But Miami is 0-4 and the Diesel is sputtering worse than ever. With $60 million guaranteed for the next three seasons, Shaq knows he is facing some real heat. ESPN Story


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6 Responses to “Shaq Sucks”

  1. danny bonaduce Says:

    shaq is a big ol goof. shaq is the dumbest individual currently residing in the greater united states of america. he was even rated dumber than redmans
    dog “DADDY” in a current analysis done by the UNITED STATES INTELLIGENCE CENTER. but the good news is shaq was rated smarter than a rock –barely.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i agree shaq is a ruckin loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    shaqs a flaming homo sexual that likes men to touch his ruck hole

  4. Anonymous Says:

    shaq thinks hes funny. the only funny thing is him when he tries to be, its halarious. he is most def the dumbest player in the nba

  5. Anonymous Says:

    shaqs wife cheated on him with manute bol i heard

  6. Anonymous Says:

    its funny how shaq tries to act like hes from the hood, hes the whitest player in the history of the nba. hes more white acting than john stockton. hes an army brat from san antonio. i think he lived in new jersey for 12 hrs though so that turned into him being from the projects. of theres people like him in the projects i guess it aint so bad there after all.

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