Apple Launches iPhone iTunes via Wi-Fi @ Starbucks


Connecting iTunes through Starbucks is eminently simple: connect to the T-Mobile AP. That’s it. It’s all done behind the paywall, so you don’t have to fork out $10 to get online to use the service. (You can also visit behind the paywall, but not .Mac services.)
As soon as you connect to the Starbucks T-Mobile AP with your iPhone / iPod touch / desktop machine running iTunes, you’ll see Starbucks music show up in your iTunes Store interface. (Hit the gallery to see how it works.)
Downloading a track was reasonably fast, but the WiFi kept dropping with both our iPhone and MacBook Pro, leading us to believe there were some issues with the T-Mo hotspot. The download recovered fine through multiple disconnections, but it took us a little over 7 minutes to grab a single 8.5MB iTunes Plus track — so be careful before grabbing an entire album.



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