“Pontoon Fender”



The Generation Two DECO RIDES Boattail was originally designed as a full fender car but was converted into an open-wheel highboy version of the car through an experiment. A 1997 Chevy Corvette served as the basis for the highboy. A Fat Man Fabrications front suspension, radically laid back, slightly curved windshield and aluminum grille were used. Then, 1/8-inch-thick, 48-inch-wide sheets of oak veneer were laminated and bonded to the top surfaces of the DECO fiberglass Boattail body with contact cement. The wood was stained with mahogany, then the white calking lines on the top of the body were masked off and the rest of the car was sprayed maroon. The car was then sent to One Off Technologies in Gilford, NH were a BMW leather interior and a folding top that tucks away in the truck were installed. After this, a set of bucks and fiberglass molds were built for the enclosed pontoon fenders and the fenders were mounted, solving the challenge of making the front wheels and tires steer lock-to-lock inside the pontoons.



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