Man Charged With Hanging Noose On 2Pac Statue


A 43-year-old Dekalb resident has been charged in the recent defacement of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kenneth Anthony Wilson was charged on Thursday (November 1) with second degree criminal damage to property, which is a felony.

The vandalism occurred during the early morning hours of October 20, when fliers bearing rants about various rappers, the 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina were plastered all over the statue and the Center’s grounds.

A rope with a wooden cross attached to it was also found wrapped around the bronze statue of Tupac that stands in the Center’s Peace Garden.

Wilson, who is African-American, has not been charged with a hate crime and is being held on a $1500 bond.



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3 Responses to “Man Charged With Hanging Noose On 2Pac Statue”

  1. Tazea Says:

    That’s really ridiculous Tupac is a legend he was about equality and about freeedom and justice….. How can someone hate… so much

  2. thug immortal Says:

    how cn sum 1 do that hu ever did this i hope they rot in hell
    2pac/makaveli/ outlaw 4 life

  3. John Peakz Says:

    what tha fuk iz wrong with mr. wilson
    how can he or any other protesterz link rapperz wit 9/11
    and why would a 43 yr old black man deface that statue
    does he wanna be white or what
    pac waz thee most revoloutionary man of our time
    thiz shit dont make sence whatsoever
    and they say itz not a hate crime thatz bullshit
    how iz putting a noose on a statue of 2pac not a hate crime
    if he waz white it would be a hate crime for sure
    i am white and seriously if i waznt a criminal from canada
    i’d cross that border and hunt that fukin goof down
    1 love 2 crooked i for dissin that retard on hip hop weekly vol. 2

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