Curt Schilling Resigns With Red Sox


Curt Schilling and the Boston Red Sox have reached an agreement on a one-year deal worth about $8 million in base salary and another $2 million in potential incentives, ESPN The Magazine’s Buster Olney reports.



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4 Responses to “Curt Schilling Resigns With Red Sox”

  1. 8yaz67 Says:

    Excellent! This news is the best of the off-season so far. There is no other place where you would have meant so much to so many fans. Thank you for sticking with the Red Sox and thanks again for all your hard work to get us two World Series Championships! I will never forget the bloody Red Sox! Best of luck to you and your family. Now enjoy the holiday season!

  2. stevo5959 Says:

    Thanks Curt. I have two Red Sox shirts. One has your number 38 and the other is 9. Thanks for staying a Red Sox.

  3. nazkar08 Says:

    Curt, Great to hear you are coming back. As you have said in the last week or so, Boston is your home. With Wake, Josh, Dice K and U the rotation is still intact and will become better this coming year. Next present under the tree…………you guessed it Mike Lowell. Theo GET R DONE. Enjoy your holiday season Curt, you earned it. P Dawes Nashua, NH

  4. buddha4782 Says:

    Two rings in a Red Sox uniform. You’ve come a long way from the confines of Dunn Field in Elmira, NY. Summer of ’86 seems like yesterday.

    Bob N.
    PA Announcer
    Dunn Field 1976-1993

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