Snoop & Fall Out Boy In Fight


Rule No. 1 with Snoop Dogg: don’t fall asleep around him. Rocker dude Pete Doherty had to find out the hard way, according to The Mirror. Well, Pete’s homey and bandmate violated rule one and fell asleep in a hotel in Europe, where Pete and Snoop were staying. Anyway, the guy was allegedly drunk and passed out. Anyway, Snoop decides to take dudes clothes off him as a gag. Well, when he woke up, he caught Snoop and Pete was HEATED! A source at the Arabella Sheraton Hotel said, “Snoop and his pals were trying to take all his clothes off after he’d passed out – Snoop was laughing his head off. But Pete didn’t seen the funny side and asked Snoop what the f*** he was doing. Snoop’s bouncers came over and before you knew it a scuffle had broken out.” Man, these rock dudes are playing with their life!


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One Response to “Snoop & Fall Out Boy In Fight”

  1. youngheartsbefree Says:

    Pete Doherty is from the band Babyshambles not Fall Out Boy.

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