Sidekick Slide Vs. LX


“What’s our ultimate conclusion? If you’re a hardcore Sidekick user you’ll want to grab the LX. The keyboard and screen alone make this a win. The Sidekick Slide isn’t really beneath the LX on the totem pole, so if you want an awesome phone, but love the Danger OS all in a small device, you will definitely want to pickup the Slide. It’s a hard choice, believe us. We switched from the LX to the Slide, back to the LX probably 6 times alone in the past day, but for now, we’re sticking with the Sidekick LX. The screen is just too good…”

Via BoyGenius


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2 Responses to “Sidekick Slide Vs. LX”

  1. Jason Says:

    Okay check it out I have been reading alot of reveiws. about the pros of the lx and the cons of the slide. I puchased the Slide today and ill tell you why.. I have big hands as im sure alot of people do . but i like to have a small sleek looking phone at the same time. the slide has the same everything as the LX except the large screen and spaced out keyboard. now while you all think having a bigger screen is better thats not true the size of the screen is only nice for about the first week or two. after that its more or less what the phone can do for you. so now you have the keyboard difference standing in between the 2 phones. honestly i can get used to the smaller keyboard if my ringer is louder and i can hear who im talking to 10x clearer. it all comes down to the fact that i need a phone that works very well and having the sidekick feature added on is a big bonus for me and it looks alot nicer then a blue or brown phone thats bulky and call qaulity sounds like ***. so you guys decide for yourselves but you should already know which one to go for depending on what you want in a device.

  2. Mike Says:

    A good phone would not force you into “getting used to” the keyboard at any time.The Slide isn’t a bad phone.By all means it’s very good.At the end of the day, I think it’s all about what YOU want in your phone.The screen and keyboard are instantly loved by the majority of hardcore and new Sidekick users alike.As an owner of an LX,the screen still hasn’t gotten boring to me yet,i’m actually still quite happy with it and the fact that it immediately blew me away and didn’t take any “getting used to” was also a definite plus.

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