NFL Week 9 Wrap Up


Quantum Critics

Week #9 of the NFL season is in the books. The New England Cheaters and Indianapolis Colts played what many considered to be the greatest regular season game in NFL history. The Green Bay Packers looked very impressive again this week as they pounded the Kansas City Chiefs. The Minnesota Vikings looked really good with their running game shredding the San Diego Chargers. Adrian Peterson set an NFL record by rushing for 296 yards in the game.
The greatest regular season game in NFL history looked like just another game. The defenses dominated for much of the game as the offenses were out of sync. Indy kicked more field goals than I wanted to see in this game. Both QB’s threw 2 interceptions a piece. Manning’s fumble at the end of the game sealed it. The Colts have nothing positive to take from this ugly loss except Marvin Harrison did not play. The Patriots have a very easy schedule remaining after their bye week and could go for an undefeated, 16-0 season if they wanted to.

Other impressive winners Sunday included the Lions, Redskins, Cowboys, and Saints. The Lions torched the overrated Dre Bly, similar to what Green Bay did to him last week. This game was over early! The Redskins played an ugly game but got the win against Jets in overtime. Dallas crushed Philadelphia. T.O. had some shenanigans going during the game … does anybody care? Dallas is still 2nd tier to Indy and the the Cheaters in New England. The Saints appear to have found their stride as their offense went to town on a very stout Jaguar’s defense.

Let’s start the Pay ‘Em and They Stop Playing list this week. This list contains names of players who got big contracts and just stopped trying to produce.

Pay ‘Em & They Stop Playing List

Larry Johnson
Jake Delhomme
Shaun Alexander
Jason David (CB from Colts to Saints)

The following teams are currently dead in the water and barring a miracle, they along with their fans can begin looking to next season:

Buffalo Bills
New York Jets
Miami Dolphins
Houston Texans
Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings
St. Louis Rams
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles
San Francisco 49ers
Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals


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