Air Penny 2 To Be Retroed Fall ’08



One of the few retros everyone has been waiting for, $135 next fall…


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4 Responses to “Air Penny 2 To Be Retroed Fall ’08”

  1. Erin DePaepe Says:

    Can you please notify me when these shoes are retroed? I have been looking for these for my son and my husband for about a year and a half. They both want them. Thank you!!!!

  2. DeJuan Evans Says:

    these are my favorite shoes of all time!!!!!!im so excited, ive been waiting on them to come back out since 4ever….I THINK THEY SHOULD PUSH UP THE RELEASE DATE FOR THE SUMMER..THEY WOULD BE THE HOTTEST THING OF THE SUMMER!!!!!!! WORD

  3. mal Says:

    these are the hottest kicks ever i would love to have them again so i can shut down the block and when they come out i will buy them so i can stunt on everybody back home

  4. Matt Says:

    These shoes are now out, however, only in the black ones or all white ones. I was wondering if they will come out with the blue and white ones in the picture above.

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