Kobe to Chicago Rumors Heat Up


The Chicago Bulls remain the favored destination. Both sides find each other irresistible. “Excuse us, Kobe, but we couldn’t help but notice ourselves staring at you.”

Within the last 24 hours, conversations between the Lakers and interested suitors have intensified. But, again, Kobe casts a five o’clock shadow over trade talk. Naturally, he’d love to don a Dallas uniform and dance the fandango with Mark Cuban, er, (eminently unavailable) Dirk Nowitzki, or join forces with Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire.

“Maybe that’s what the Lakers are ultimately trying to do,” a Windy City source allowed. “Get him so angry they can deal with everyone so they’re not forced to settle for less. As long as Kobe only will accept going to a few teams, what is the incentive for any team to gut its roster to get him? There is none, because we’d all then have the same unhappy player on our team.”



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3 Responses to “Kobe to Chicago Rumors Heat Up”

  1. will Says:

    yooo kobe you sould go to the bullls because the bulls are a goood te

  2. lakersfanboy Says:

    No way… Kobe will stay with Lakers. Chicago is a good team, however, Lakers is better.

  3. BlackMamba Says:

    This is dumb, kobe will never leave the lakers they are still the best team in the NBA, yeah joining up with Dirk or amare and steve or even the bulls would mean one sick team, but the lakers are still the top contenders for the NBA title and will be as long as kobe stays

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