Dr. Dre Sued


Super producer Dr. Dre may be hauled back into court for previous privacy invasion case for an incident that occurred over 7 years ago.

Three former City of Detroit employees plan on suing Dre (born André Romell Young), who they claim illegally videotaped a conversation without their knowledge, according to the Detroit Free Press.
The conversation, recorded back in 2000, has Greg Bowens, who was spokesmen to then Mayor Dennis Archer at the time; Gary Brown, who was the police commander at the time; and Paula Bridges, then the police spokeswoman asking concert producers not to show a video containing nudity at an upcoming “Up In Smoke” show in the area.
Later, a DVD that included that conversation was released.

Dre’s attorney, Herschel Fink told Wayne County Circuit Judge John A. Murphy that there shouldn’t have been any expectation of privacy, as the conversation took place in a room where people were coming and going and there were cameras obviously present.
But the former city officials’ attorney, Glenn Oliver, said the cameras were hidden during the conversations on the DVD.
Though Dre’s attorneys have filed a motion for the case to be dismissed, Murphy said he’s inclined to let the case proceed. The judge did not rule on the motion, however, in court on Friday (October 26).
As SOHH previously reported, Dre won a case against the former city officials in 2003. 2 years later Flint, Michigan’s U.S. District Judge Paul Gadola dismissed the officials’ first federal lawsuit bid, where the trio claimed a violation of federal wiretapping laws. Gadola cited Dre’s previous win in court as means to dismiss the case.



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