Guitar Hero 3 Review


You’ll find little argument that Guitar Hero III has an outstanding soundtrack, perhaps the best of any music game to date (for anyone who doesn’t live and breath J-Pop, at least). But a killer soundtrack doesn’t guarantee a great game. Luckily, Neversoft stepped into Harmonix’s shoes nicely and supplied accurate and, most importantly, fun note tabs for each of the songs. Pretty much every track in the game is a blast to play. The new boss battle stuff is a great idea and implemented pretty well, though we really do wish that you could play the tracks outside of the main Career mode, especially in a head-to-head battle with a friend or someone online.
For better or for worse though, outside of the new cinematics between tiers, the boss battles and the online play, there’s not really a whole lot new here. We understand that this was Neversoft’s first take at the franchise, but it’s a pretty safe effort as the basic formula remains exactly the same. A different setup to the Career mode could have been cool, or perhaps the studio could have added the ability to jam along with a band (the cheat screen lets you play chords and such to enter songs, so this was already halfway in there).

Having said that, Guitar Hero III is fun as hell. I don’t dig the character designs all that much and the animations for the other members of the band, especially the robotic drummer, could have been a lot better. But what’s important is the main gameplay, and fortunately it’s just as fun as ever. And, the new wireless Les Paul is flat-out awesome. Let’s just hope that Neversoft tries out a few new things next time around.


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