Jay-Z Shoots Roc Boys Video


At 40/40 Club in NYC. Looks like this will be the next single off “American Gangsta”

UPDATE: This kid (Jay-Z’s nephew) will be playing a young version of Jay in the video!


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5 Responses to “Jay-Z Shoots Roc Boys Video”

  1. natalie Says:

    omgggg jayz nephew is so sexy….he could get it any day !!! =)

  2. kristen Says:

    yes he is, but what the hell is his name?!

  3. 233dsdf Says:

    his names Tristan Wilds

  4. Ivory Bizzy Says:

    It’s amazin’ how two people can look soo much alike, and yeah both of dem can get the biznass….sorry B!

  5. Ivory Bizzy Says:

    This video is off the chain too, anything Jay-z makes I will promote it becuz dude is a genius…simple as that son! He spits rhymes that make me wanna vomit..they are soo sick. I’m not from NY, but when I hear his flow I feel like I grew up in Marcy projects. Yo shoutz out to NC thou! Yo Tristan your uncle is truely the king of hip hop (ALWAYS & FOREVER), and I know that you are honored to immulate him because he is a positive inspiration to so many aspiring artist young and old.

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