Dr. Dre & Eminem Back In Studio


It has been rumored that Dr. Dre & Eminem were seen in Detroit studios this week working on Eminem’s new album.

Well, we have some exclusive updates to add to this. Eminem’s next album is titled “King Mathers” officially and is nearing completion. With tracks and features from the likes of Akon, T.I., Dr. Dre, and the Shady camp, we are looking at a tenative early spring release date. Now, the question still remains if this will be the classic Em of old, or the new “fack” Em?


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5 Responses to “Dr. Dre & Eminem Back In Studio”

  1. V!rus Says:

    i found DJ Invasion – King Mathers =))

  2. V!ruses Says:

    Can’t wait till this gets out, both Eminem and Dr.Dre are working on a new album…I’ts gonna be a crazy hip hop year. 2008 🙂

  3. James Says:

    Man I can’t wait, Em’s going to drop his new ablum (I’m like his biggest fan,lol) and if Dre drops “Detox” everyone is just going to go crazy, I just can’t wait, At last music is getting good again, Some poper M’cs non off this High School Music Stuff, Come on Em and All at Shady records I just can’t wait any more or and Em if you were ever to see this, R.I.P Big Proof, We all Miss you man, James from the U.K

  4. tommy Says:

    Some of the official shit sounds fuckn crazy. The flow is just a wow factor. Hurry up and release the god damn album to get people off your back.

  5. Chris Says:

    So it hasn’t dropped yet right?

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