BMW Announces New Model Based on CS Concept


BMW announced today at the Tokyo Motor Show that it will produce a car based on the CS concept. Earlier this year,

BMW’s North American CEO, Tom Purves, told Automotive News that a production version of the CS was likely, despite a report by Germany’s Auto Bild indicating the car would probably not see production.
“Our dealers, having seen the photos, are very excited,” Purves said. “They love it. […] If media and dealers like it, there’s a good chance the customers will.”
The CS is “not a stretch or modified anything,” he said, suggesting the car is both realistic and should appeal to mainstream upper luxury buyers. Purves says there have been very few cases of BMW not following a concept car with a production model.

The road-going version of the CS will likely be badged as an 8-Series, according to various reports. Look for BMW to debut the car at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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  1. abdul hafeez khan Says:

    hi o need the brouches of bmw so can u get the brouches for me as soon as posible

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