Motorola Wireless Division Drops $1 Billion Dollars


Maybe they’ll realize the Razor isn’t next gen and cutting edge anymore… Last year Moto’s wireless division made $846 million in profits, and this year they dipped losing $138 million dollars, almost a BILLION dollar shift. Ouch

Press Release



5 Responses to “Motorola Wireless Division Drops $1 Billion Dollars”

  1. laksdgafgaffdhafh Says:

    Motorola sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. prabhakar Says:


  3. Deepak Sahu Says:

    Motorola is Good Mobilie Phone & this battery is large. This phone is sckreen & Voice clean.

  4. okpdt0pb ntpsl bdn Says:

    ğişgğprçglklellömeııoeo0215614çvş xç öç<ö laöppoemm

  5. james Says:

    how to open GPRS

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