Lamborghini Holiday Pack



Who says gas guzzlers and green can’t get along? And what better time than Christmas is there for the latter to — extend a branch — to the former? Lamborghini makes it all possible with its limited edition Christmas collection, which includes specially-hued tree ornaments.

Candles come in packs of two, one large and one small. Ornaments — or as Lamborghini calls them, baubles — come in packs of three. The ones pictured are glazed in Arancio Borealis orange, which is one of the Gallardo Superleggera colors. But you can get them in other colors, like Noctis Black, Telesto Gray, and Midas Yellow, if the orange doesn’t suit your holiday decor.

For those who can’t join you for taurean-tinged festivities, there are Christmas cards in packs of 20 featuring pictures of the Reventon. And for the person who has everything, there are even Lamborghini pencils, because we’re quite sure no one has a set of those.


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One Response to “Lamborghini Holiday Pack”

  1. Lamborghini Says:

    huh man it’s just a very hot car. i love Lamborghini. Thanks admin for this nice post 🙂

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