Riley Traded Walker…Because He’s FAT?


Can’t help but feel bad for Antoine…first homeboy gets robbed in his own crib, now it get’s put out that he was traded due to his pudginess.  What makes things worse is that he got traded to the barren NBA waste-land that Minnesota has become.  From the Miami Herald

“..Riley’s dissatisfaction with the 6-9 Walker’s weight and body-fat percentage led to a four-game suspension last season, and more problems in training camp…”


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One Response to “Riley Traded Walker…Because He’s FAT?”

  1. FireDannyAinge Says:

    Walker was not traded for being fat. He was traded because Riley is an idiot. He thinks Ricky Davis and Mark Blount are going to replace Wade and Shaq when he goes down.
    Here is some facts for you. Davis and Blount couldn’t win in Boston and they couldn’t win in Minny. They aren’t winners. They are trouble makers that always seem to leave a negative impact when they are gone.
    Say what you will about Antoine but he always puts himself with winners. Did it in College, In the NBA and will do it again.

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