Cop Sammy The Bull’s Jewelry At Auction


Jeweled “family” heirlooms belonging to Salvatore “Sammy Bull” Gravano – including his diamond-encrusted pinkie rings and gawdy key chains – will hit the auction block next month, with the proceeds going to the feds.
“A lot of them were assets gained from the criminal enterprise he participated in,” said Andrea Esquer, a rep for the Attorney General’s Office in Phoenix, where New York’s most notorious mob rat was busted for peddling ecstasy in 2000.
“The money will go into our [federal racketeering program] to fund other criminal investigations.”
Go ahead, make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Any rappers down? T.I.?

via NY Post


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2 Responses to “Cop Sammy The Bull’s Jewelry At Auction”

  1. Cop Sammy The Bull’s Jewelry At Auction at NY Real Estate Attorney Says:

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  2. online auction Says:

    This is a real part of history, it should not be worn but treasured. It is a part of our culture albeit barbaric, shaped America’s way to better and bigger business.

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